The Department of Defense (DOD) includes 33 Agencies and Components supported by 950,000 civilian employees that work alongside our respected Service members and an expansive network of industry experts to tackle the world’s largest challenges through public service.

While each Agency and Component has a unique mission, they work hand-in-hand to support each other to fulfill the mission of the DOD: To provide the military forces needed to deter war and ensure our Nation’s security.

Where will you find your fit?

FEATURED AGENCY: NAVSEA – The Force Behind the Fleet

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If you’re a professional in the maritime industry – or aspire to be one – you have choices from coast to coast. But only one choice gets you inside the world’s most advanced fleet of ships, subs, and unmanned aircraft.

And that’s NAVSEA.

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  • Providing mission-essential support to Soldiers

  • Tackling real world challenges and supporting Navy and Marine Corps service personnel

  • Developing innovations and harnessing the energy to meet every challenge

  • Developing emerging technologies

  • Feeding military families globally

  • Providing audit and financial advisory services

  • Providing contract administration services for equipment worldwide

  • Securing the trustworthiness of the United States Government’s workforce

  • Providing quality finance and accounting services

  • Providing a medically ready force and high-quality health services

  • Providing centralized and comprehensive personnel data management and analysis for the entire Department of Defense

  • Providing, operating, and assuring information-sharing and information infrastructure globally

  • Providing military intelligence to Warfighters, policymakers, and force planners

  • Providing advice regarding all legal matters and services performed within, or involving, the Department of Defense

  • Managing the global supply chain

  • Creating and distributing DOD content across a variety of media platforms to audiences around the world

  • Providing the fullest possible accounting for our missing personnel to their families and the Nation

  • Administering security cooperation programs that support the U.S.

  • Fusing science and technology to develop the next generation of technologies to support our Warfighters and help assure national security

  • Administering the development and implementation of DOD technology security policies on international transfers of defense-related goods, services, and technologies

  • Countering and deterring weapons of mass destruction and improvised threat networks

  • Educating, Engaging, and Empowering military-connected students to succeed in a dynamic world

  • Ensuring the Department has a robust testing and evaluation infrastructure

  • Executing a direct impact on global operations to support our warfighters.

  • Developing, testing, and fielding an integrated Ballistic Missile Defense System

  • Delivering world-class geospatial intelligence that provides a decisive advantage

  • Designing, building, launching, and maintaining America’s intelligence satellites

  • Leading in cryptology that encompasses both signals intelligence and cyber security products and services and enables computer network operations

  • Providing technical and financial assistance to states and communities that are invested in the defense mission

  • Detecting and deterring fraud, waste, and abuse to improve DOD

  • Providing policy, development, planning, resource management, and program evaluation for the military and civilian workforce of the Department of Defense

  • Protecting and safeguarding designated DOD personnel, resources, and facilities

  • Providing leading-edge services to mission partners in support of its defense to the Nation