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With over 3.4 million Service Members and Civilians at the DoD,


In The Military

The Department of Defense (DOD) provides meaningful and diverse Military opportunities that offer personal and professional development. There are millions of service members across six active-duty (full-time) and their corresponding Guard and Reserve components (part-time). Each member plays a crucial role in safeguarding our nation, in over 250 different occupations. Discover what it takes to join the Military and learn how a career of service can lead to a fulfilling life.

As A Civilian

The Department of Defense (DOD) is the employer of choice for nearly a million Civilian workers across the globe. With over 650 different occupations, there are opportunities ranging from internships and entry-level openings to senior executive positions in thousands of locations worldwide. As a Civilian in DOD, you play an important role in supporting our Armed Forces, and have access to a wide range of benefits and growth opportunities. Discover your future as a Civilian in the DOD. 

Why Work for DOD

The Department of Defense (DOD) employs 3.4 million Service Members and Civilians, many serving in critical positions worldwide. There are a multitude of opportunities requiring a diverse range of skills. If a competitive salary, great benefits, unsurpassed training, and the pride of defending our Nation interests you, then your future is with DOD.

The Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, Coast Guard and other DOD Agencies have Military and Civilian positions in over 94 countries. Find the positions that fit your talents and pursue your future with a diverse, challenging, and rewarding DOD career.

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Benefits of DOD Culture

DoD Service Members and Civilians are committed to their jobs, organizations, and mission of the Department. Their cutting-edge, innovative, and impactful work motivates them on a daily basis and creates an environment that fosters trust, creativity, and intergrity for employeers to remain engaged and committed to their work.

  • Teamwork
  • Results Driven
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Teamwork

    The work of DOD is intricate and complex and requires the support of employees across 33 different Agencies. The employees of DOD know that their work is interdependent and that teamwork is essential to operate hand-in-hand across organizational lines to meet their mission.

  • Results Driven

    DOD civilian employees are here to achieve a mission – whether it's monitoring contracts, welding ships, treating patients, practicing law, teaching students, or building satellites – everyone is dedicated to working together to achieve the highest results.

  • Diversity and Inclusion

    The Department of Defense (DOD) continues to position itself to be an employer of choice reinforced by our commitment to creating an environment that values the perspectives, experiences, and expertise of the entire workforce. It is our diversity that strengthens our mission, as well as our culture of inclusion that promotes full and successful integration of our diverse workforce into the workplace. As we strive to maximize our outreach to recruit, hire, retain, and promote diverse talent from across the nation, we remain steadfast in our commitment to promote an environment free from personal, social, or institutional barriers that prevent all from rising to the highest level of their potential. For more information see Executive Order--Establishing a Coordinated Government-wide Initiative to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Federal Workforce.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III

We Take Care of Our People

"People are the department's most critical asset. We remain the preeminent fighting force in the world because of our personnel in and out of uniform. I have never had more confidence in our ability to meet the security challenges of today and tomorrow."

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III

Message to the Force

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III
Deputy Secretary of Defense Dr. Kathleen H. Hicks

We Invest in Diversity

"We prioritize growing our talent by providing pay raises for both Military and Civilian personnel, and we seek to make investments in the workforce where the department has critical demands, like cyber. Our plan is to build an increasingly resilient force, one that recognizes and embraces its diversity as a strength."

Deputy Secretary of Defense Dr. Kathleen H. Hicks

Overview of DOD Priorities


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