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Internship Programs

Begin your professional career in one of the boundless opportunities offered by the Department of Defense for recent graduates.

Internship Program

A unique opportunity to experience the work environment in the Department of Defense while still in school. Current students enrolled in educational institutions ranging from high school to graduate school gain the experience of working for DOD and ability to explore the many opportunities that the Department of Defense has to offer.


  • Federal Internship Portal
    Jump start your career in public service with a federal internship! Discover opportunities to learn, grow, and make an impact with DoD Civilian Careers.
    For More Information :   View Federal Intership portal.
  • Army Student Internship Program
    The Student Internship Program (SIP) exposes current students to the Army Civilian Corps and career opportunities with emphasis on STEM and mission critical occupations. Upon meeting graduation requirements, the program provides an opportunity for participants to be non-competitively converted into permanent full-time employment in the Army.
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